The interactive image player allows you to replicate colposcopy examinations.

    • Watch the acetowhitening process in real time
    • Zoom in, apply green filter and contrast enhancement to observe morphology and vessels
    • Document your findings, record your colposcopic impression and indicate areas for biopsy

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    Compare your findings and selections with those of expert colposcopists who provided clinical input and commentary on each case

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    Access an extensive library of colposcopy case scenarios, ranging from the normal cervix to invasive cervical carcinomas. Review your individual and overall case scores which are calculated by comparing your assessments against actual histology results and expert’s indications

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    Flexible licensing to meet your needs.
    Register for a single license or a bundle if you are a training organization or an academic institution

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    See what people have said
    about Colposcopy Skills
    and its role in the training of colposcopy

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    The Colposcopy Skills program is excellent. Because the program is dynamic, it allows the user to see the acetowhite change develop and fade, making it the closest simulation I have seen to actual colposcopy and a significant improvement over static images.

    Mark Spitzer, MD, FACOG
    Medical Director, Center for Colposcopy - www.centerforcolposcopy.com
    Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, Hempstead, NY
    Past President, American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP)

Colposcopy Skills

Colposcopy Skills is an online skills development and assessment application that is based on cervical imaging technology developed by DYSIS Medical. It complements colposcopy training courses and has been created for clinicians of different levels who want to develop or practice their skills in performing colposcopy.

Using an interactive image player and an extensive library of colposcopy cases, this tool helps users understand the steps of a colposcopic examination, interpret colposcopic images and improve biopsy and management decisions.